A New Historical Geography of England before 1600

Author H. C. Darby
Condition Very Good
Cover Type Softback

n 1973, when A New Historical Geography of England was originally published, it was generally agreed that Professor Darby and his fellow contributors had produced the authoritative historical geography of England. That volume now appears as a paperback in two separate books. The division has been made at 1600. Chapters describing the landscape at particular periods are alternate with others that narrate and explain the successive changes. This book starts with the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons and covers the development of the English landscape during the medieval and Tudor periods. There are also descriptions of the face of the country in Domesday times, the early fourteenth century and in 1600. For all students of historical geography this is an essential book. Many others interested in the history of the landscape of England will also find it illuminating and valuable.