An Accidental Diplomat: My Years in the Irish Foreign Service 1987 – 1995

Author Eamon Delaney
Condition Very Good
Cover Type Softback

Published in 2001 by New Island in paperback, 400pp, ISBN 1902602390, this book, ‘An Accidental Diplomat: My Years in the Irish Foreign Service 1987-1995’ is by Eamon Delaney, who started in the Department of Foreign Affairs at the tender age of twenty-four. It was 1987, the eve of Charles Haughey’s triumphant return to power. Tense times for the diplomats of Iveagh House. From lonely nights at the Soviet Desk to glamorous soirées during Ireland’s presidency of the emerging European Union, Eamon Delaney kept his ear to the ground – a useful skill when wedged precariously between Iran, Iraq and Israel at the UN General Assembly. And more useful still when, at the Irish Consulate, he travelled the strange world of Irish America, doing battle with radical nationalists and having to indulge in a painful amount of céilí dancing… And then there was Northern Ireland, and the Peace Process of 1993-1995, where no amount of dining, spying and manipulation was spared in the pursuit of the ultimate goal – the greater good of officialdom. Chapters: Prologue; Section I. Ireland – 1. Joining Up; 2. EU Co-ordination; 3. ‘Our good friends, the Iraqis’; 4. The Soviet Desk; 5. ‘Peaceful Co-existence’; 6. EU Presidency 1990; 7. Tehran or Toronto: The Postings Lottery. Section II: United Nations: 8. The World in One Room; 9. Horse-trading on human rights; 10. A Walk in the Garden; 11. Gulf War. Section III: America: 12. Irish America; 13. Dancing for Ireland; 14. Greens Under the Bed; 15. Back to Ellis Island; 16. Protestors at the Castle; 17. High Season. Section IV: Northern Ireland: 18. Bugs and Shredders; 19. Border Travels; 20. ‘Our Friends in the North’; 21. The Script Factory; 22. The Peace Process; 23. The Fall of Albert; 24. Buenos or Bust; Glossary